Ruben Watson – Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra.  

Hello, I’m Ruben Watson. I have 30 years of teaching experience. I have 4 years as a public school band director teaching grades 5-12, along with 25 years as a private saxophone and clarinet instructor.  I have a Bachelor’s of Music Education for grades K-12,  with Saxophone and Clarinet performance from Western Washington University in 1992.

I teach an average of 75 students each week. Approximately 70% of my students stay with me for at least 3 years.

Every lesson student has won a college music scholarship with students receiving a total of $461 thousand.

Ruben Watson Music has had 3 state champions, and over 100 students of our students have been selected to both local and European Honor Bands.

I also offer a community jazz and concert band experience where students can get community service credits.  The community band is called the “Cascade Community Band”.

I genuinely love what I do and am so blessed to have such great students. My true passion is helping students achieve as much as they want to in music. I love to see them grow through those experiences and watch them do amazing things.


Josh Goering

Josh Goering – Guitar 1 & 2 & Ukulele

Hello, my name is Josh Goering and I teach Guitar and Bass Guitar at Lakewood Music & Arts. I’ve been playing for 28 years, and have been teaching for 22. I began teaching while still in High School and went on to study Music Theory at Berkeley and University of South Carolina before moving to Washington to pursue performing.

When I started taking lessons at age 12 it changed my life.  I hope to be able to bring that same experience to my own students.

I love working with absolute beginners because witnessing them discover playing an instrument for the first time is the most rewarding experience I have as a teacher and as a musician. I tailor my lessons to each student and their individual goals. I’m more than happy to take it slow with an adult student who might not have much time to practice, or really push when I have a young student who shows real potential. I can also teach beginning Ukulele, combining singing with playing, Music Theory and help prepare students for Jazz Band. I have extensive recording and performing experience and can guide students through their own first experiences through yearly recitals and other performance opportunities.


Jules Morrow – Choirs, Toddler Music, Songwriting, Piano

“The goal isn’t to sound perfect. The goal is to move people.” 

I quit piano lessons as a kid, but the music still flowed within me. As a teenager, I played for hours each day, surpassing my peers. Playing music I loved unleashed my creativity. I pursued classical training but still had to do things unconventionally to make sure I never lost the joy of music. 

Once I broke free from the box, my skill transformed into creation. I’m drawn to the piano, playing and writing songs, experiencing life’s emotions! I’m grateful for the support that allowed me to build a skill and follow my passion without rules.

For 12 years, I’ve taught private lessons and group classes, finding joy in helping others love music! My guiding principles are to have fun, evoke emotions, and build skills through music.